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to turn into cancer! [announcer] if you're 50 or older, get screened. averted. in a late-night vote, the house passes a bill saving on tax increases on 99% of americans. >> the motion is adopted. without objection, a motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> but the fiscal fight is not over. president obama offers tough talk over his next battle with congress, raising the nation's debt ceiling. >> i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they've already racked up. while markets react positively to the fiscal cliff deal, and wall street is poised for a big day. but how else will the agreement affect your wallet? >>. and a rose parade reunion. an american soldier home from
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afghanistan surprises his family in front of thousands of spectators and millions watching at home. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, january 2nd, 2013. good morning, everyone. i'm terrell brown. the economy avoided the fiscal cliff but just barely. the house late last night passed the senate bill that avoids the tax hikes and spending cuts expected to start this year. they raised the incomes of those over $400,000. it raises taxes on the portions of estates that exceeds $5 million, long-term unemployment benefits have been extended, and across-the-board spending cuts have been put on hold for two months. tara mergener is in washington with more. tear are, good morning to you.
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>> good morning, terrell. the standoff over the fiscal cliff is finally over. many house republicans and even some democrats did not like this bill but enough ultimately relented. after months of debating and back room deals, congress has passed a bill which will pull the country back from the fiscal cliff. >> on this vote the yays are 257. the nays are 157. >> it extends t s the tax rate c individuals earning 400,000 per year and couples $450,000 a. 151 republicans voted against the bill because it doesn't address spending. >> what we're really doing is raising taxes to give the president more money to spend. >> president obama has promised to work with congress to find more spending cuts in the future, but he urged them not to
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play politics with the nation's debt limit. >> i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they've already racked up. >> treasury secretary of state timothy geithner has warned congress the country is a few months away from defaults on its loans for first time in history. >> the consequences would be catastrophic, far worse than the impact of a fiscal cliff. >> but many say the debt limit debate is the last chance femme them to secure the deep spending cuts necessary to pay down our nation's debt. and the bill now heads to president obama for his signature. terrell? >> tara mergener in washington this morning. thank you so much. still the measure passed with bipartisan support. the deal die provided the leadership in the house. speaker john boehner and paul ryan voted yes, but house
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majority leader eric cantor who led a brief last-minute charge against the deal and kevin mccarthy voted no. earlier i had a chance to visit to politico's congressional reporter. we talked about how the bill got through the house and the political ramifications of sealing the deal. hughes republicans were earlier considering a deal with more spending cuts. it was different than what the senate passed. what ended up happening? kwhie did republicans change their minds? >> basically they knew if they tried to make any changes that the senate had already sent over to them it would greatly prevent getting it done. harry reid, the senate majority leader said it's going to be very, very tough. a lot of them were tired. the senators were already home and they were waiting for the house to just sign off on it. so any changes, especially major changes, would have, could have really, really scuttled this thing from passing and getting to president obama's desk very
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quickly. >> is there any real winner in this scenario? can both sides walk away saying they got something out of this deal? >> i think both sides could say they got something out of the deal but i think you see a lot more discontent among the republican ranks. you saw with the vote last night in the house, it was really the democrats who had to push it across the line. the republicans are not happy that there has to be tax increases on a small percentage of americans. they're not happy with nearly $4 trillion over a decade racking up the nation's debt. and several of the democrats are not happy about the deal either. but most of the democrats and president obama can claim victory here. this is president obama who campaigned on this. this was his message as he was campaigning for his second term in office, and he was -- and this is the first major tax increase in about two decades. "cbs moneywatch" time on a
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wednesday. the world markets are reacting this morning on the fiscal cliff deal. and how will the agreement affect your paycheck? ashley morrison here in new york with that. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, terrell. asian markets got a big boost of the fiscal cliff agreement. south korea's kospi added nearly 2%. tokyo's nikkei was closed. and wall street is primed for a big day. futures are up and they're coming up a strong finish to 2012. on the last trading day of the year the dow add 166 points while the nasdaq gained 59 points. >> while investors have reeekted positively to the deal, it's going to result in less money to your paycheck. washington leaders decided to discontinue the social security tax cut enacted two years ago. the so-called payroll tax will rise from 4.2% to 6.2%. that means a person making $50,000 a year will see about a
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1,0$1,000 a year more taken fro their paycheck. they took a provision on the so-called dairy cliff. it extended the 2008 farm bill through september. an expiration of dairy programs could have resulted in prices doubling within a few weeks but it appears the house will not vote on aid to victims of hurricane sandy. the senate passed a $60 billion on friday but they have abandoned a vote on a smaller aid package. more than $2 billion in federal funds has been spend on superstorm relief efforts. and hundreds of thousands of minimum wage workers are seeing a bump in their paycheck. on tuesday, ten states raised & their minimum wage levels. the adjusts were automatic in nine of those states resulting in an average minimum wage of $8.12 an hour. washington state has the largest
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increase at $9.19 an hour. terrell, it's also good to see them getting an increase. >> i was about to say. giving us a bit ol' good news for a change. ashley morrisison here in new y. hillary clinton is still being treated for a blot clot in her head. the clot was discovered during a follow hup exam for a concussion. she's being treated for blood thinners and is expected to make a full recovery. overseas palestinians were wounded. the clashes started when und undercover israeli soldiers entered the town. when we come back on the "morning news" on a wednesday, spill fears. stormy seas and a grounded rig risking a disastrous leak of thousands of gallons of fuel. this is the "morning news."
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a stampede on new year's eve in angola killed at least ten people, including four children. at least 120 others were injured. it happened at an evangelical event in the nation's capital. organizers say they were expecting 70,000 people but a lot more showed up and a stampede started when only two of the four gates were open. the coast guard is keeping a close eye on an oil drilling rig that ran aground in alaska on monday. it's holding thousands of gallons of diesel fuel. officials say there's no sign the vessel is leaking. lee cowan is taking a look at an effort to prevent an environmental disaster. >> reporter: they're trying to determine the damage to the 260-foot drill barge. the concern is not for the chill. all 18 aboard were evacuated by the coast guard. the worry is the more than 160 gallons of diesel fuel and oil
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locked deep in the rig's hull all being relentlessly battered by waves as high as four-story buildings. we spoke with the captain by phone in anchorage. >> where it sits on the rocks, this is going to be a very challenging response of smart people. >> reporter: more than 500 people are involved in staging equipment nearby to help contain any leak or spill. >> there's always a threat. there's still very heavy seas. that's why we're moving with all the response equipment and prepare i preparing. >> reporter: it doesn't have its own propulsion. it was being towed when it broke free. it's being used largely for test shelling. that exploration has been opposed by environmentalists out of fear the arctic's harsh
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conditions are no match for the equipment. shell says it's made to withstand ice and its reinforced steel hull should protect the tanks. they want to get down in there to check up close for damage of leaks. if all is well, the next course is to try to see how to get the hull off the rocks if that's possible in the first place. the governor of pennsylvania plan tosu the ncaa in federal court. over the stiff sanctions fliile on penn state. it included a $60 million fine. governor tom corbett is expected to announce the specifics of the lawsuit today. penn state is not part of that lawsuit. up next, your wednesday morning weather. and in sports, a monster hit turns the tide in the outback bowl. that and more college ball highlights when we come back. ever.
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nurses are dealing with a wider range of issues. and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away or take charge? with a degree in the field of healthcare or nursing from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. clouds and sun in chicago, 28. partly sunny in dallas, 47. mostly sunny in l.a., 68 degrees. let's check your national forecast. the storm system stalled over the northeast and gulf coast. late-effect snow showers are possible in western new york. some areas could gets a much as
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6 inches. it will be dry and chilly in the midwest and santa ana winds with gusts up to 50 miles an hour. in sport this morning lots of new year's day bowl games. in the orange bowl, northern illinois pulled a fake punch in the first. got a first punch. racked up a career-high 134 yards and two t.d.s and only five carries. florida state takes the orange bowl, 31-10 over the huskies. to the rose bowl now, he gets the ball on the reverse and dashes 16 yards for the score. that gave stanford the early lead. he gets stopped at the line. badgers again at the fourth. wisconsin now loses three consecutive rose bowls. to the outback bowl, look at this. does it look like a first down? the refs say yes, the south
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carolina state coach stecan't believe it. what? smith's helmet goes flies. he loses the ball. south carolina takes the lead on a 31-yard touchdown pass. michigan answers with 17 yards scoring toss there. they're now up by one but south carolina isn't done. final moments of regulation. gamecocks stop michigan 31-28 to win the youtd back bowl. in basketball, the clippers' 17-game winning streak is over. f finishing with 14 points. clippers get called for a shot clock violation. it's l.a.'s first loss since november 26th. dramatic finish in new york. carmelo anthony gets the knicks within three. finishes with a season-high 14 points. he gets a chance to tie at the buzzer, but his shot, no.
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here's a look at the weather in some sunnies toward country. in washington, becoming sunny, 38. mostly sunny in atlanta, 54. partly cloudy in slaus, 32. partly sunny in denver, 35, and partly sunny in seattle, 44 degrees. the colorful 124th rozema raid was held in pasadena, california, on new year's day. the emotional high point of the event, a surprise reunion between a soldier and his family. we have the story. i was extremely nervous, extremely. >> reporter: as sergeant first
4:21 am
class eric pause came down colorado boulevard with other members of the canines with courage float he had a front seat to the crowds but there were only two people he was looking for. >> one of the guys back behind me is get off the float, man, this is where you have to get off. >> with a rose in hand he walked to his wife miriam and 4-year-old son junior who both thought daddy was still in afghanistan. in moments a family reunited after seven long months. >> i turn around an & there he is and i'm like, oh, my gosh. i'm trying to get eric to see look who's over there, look who's over there. >> immediately, you know, i was trying to choke back cheers. i picked up my son, grabbed my wife. i missed you guys so much. i love both of you. >> sergeant pause was chosen for this moment a moelgg ago by his superiors in afghanistan. miriam had no idea. she got a call a week ago that
4:22 am
she won a contest to come to l.a. from germany to see the parade. >> there's no way to describe it. i can't believe they chose my husband. it's overwhelming. >> reporter: out of so many deserving soldiers in afghanistan, sergeant pause said he was nominated and selected for his newseum russ deploismentes, valor awards, being wounded in service and his family situation. >> it's great honor to represent all the soldiers over there doing all these great things every day that don't get recognized. >>. >> reporter: the couple was shy in front of the camera but they want to share this embrace for all servicemembers who can't be with their families today. >> ah. you see these reunions all the time and they never get old, right? i love it. that was kcbs's rachel kim this morning. coming after after your local news on "cbs this morning," the reaction to the last-minute
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. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is wednesday, january 2. let's say it. 2013. have to get used to writing that on checks and things. i'm andrea roane. good morning. i'm deck. thanks for joining us. good morning, monika samtani.
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>> good morning. happy new year. >> howard bernstein will be back tomorrow. it's great to see olga again. good morning. cloud cover again but not so bad. a couple of snow flakes early on. i'll show you what's happening right now. mainly cloudy skies. we'll stick with this as we head through mid-morning. almost about 11:00 before we really break in with some big sunshine into the afternoon. so grab your sunglasses this morning but you won't need an umbrella or anything like that because the moisture has moved off toward the east. we're going to continue again with the cloudy skies. our weather planner will keep us in the chill. we'll be mainly around the middle 30s. even through 11:00 only 36 degrees. i think our high today only gets to 38 but notice the dramatic change by this afternoon. we have lots of sunshine. we're going to pick up a little more of a breeze out of the north. 10 to 15 mile per hour winds so it will be breezy late in the day. here's what we're looking forward to later on in the
4:27 am
afternoon. although testimonies cool this morning, it will warm up. northerly winds will keep us in the chill. although our highs should make it only into the upper 30s. green weather alert, that's a good thing. we'll have the clear skies and calm winds tonight. that will drop us down into the 20s. nice and brisk on thursday as well. we're back near 40 degrees but at least we're keeping the sunshine for the next couple of days. monika? >> thank you so much. good morning, everybody. there's some police activity with the single vehicle accident in northwest d.c. on florida avenue or 4th street right near florida avenue and rhode island avenue where they all come together. be aware of that. a bit of police activity left over as well. other than that, not looking too bad. on the northbound side of i-95, no issues as you come up from try apg gal and springfield and 395. -- triangle and springfield and 395. if you're heading into the district crossing the potomac river, it's nice and light right into downtown. let's go back to the maps, this time to the north side of town.
4:28 am
beltway is looking great. no issues as you travel from college park into bethesda. 270 a live look at montrose road. a good indication of what it looks like coming in from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. no issues on great seneca highway or route 355 this morning. i'll be back with more at 4:39. >> thanks, monika. congress has passed a bill which retroactively keeps the country from falling off the fiscal cliff. the house approved a bill just before 11:00 last night sending it to the president for his signature. >> the deal keeps the bush era tax cuts for 99% of americans. it also delays the spending cuts for two months so the new congress can address the issue when they come in in the coming months. danielle nottingham has more. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: the house of representatives passed the senate fiscal cliff bill that will cancel tax hikes for most americans and delay spending cuts. the legislation heads to president obama for his signature. he spoke after the house vote.
4:29 am
>> under this law 98% of americans and 97% of small businesses will not see their income taxes go up. >> reporter: the approval of the bill by a margin of 257-167 is a political victory for the president that comes one day after the fiscal cliff deadline. it includes an extension of unemployment benefits for about two million americans. >> this is a great victory for the middle classes who taxes will not go up tomorrow. >> mr. speaker, i'd like to be speaking for this bill but i can't. >> reporter: earlier in the night, house republicans left a closed door meeting with a deal still up in the air. many said they wanted spending cuts added to the senate bill that passed early tuesday morning by an overwhelming margin. lawmakers remained here on capitol hill for the second late night in a row which is highly unusual on the new year holiday. the bill raises income taxes for individuals earning $400,000 a year and

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